Grounds Maintenance & Right of Way Maintenance

  • General mowing and lawn maintenance of all facility property
  • General mowing and weed control of all tank farms, pipelines, right-of-ways, and docks

Janitorial Services

  • Provider of complete janitorial services

Herbicide Application & Weed Control

  • Weed control and herbicide application of all operating units and surrounding areas
  • Specialty Herbicide application of electrical sub-stations (soil sterilization chemicals applied using state-certified applicators)

Pest Control Services

  • Provider of monthly pest control applications to all facility-owned structures (state-certified)

Mosquito Control

  • Provider of mosquito control services (state-certified)

Bulk Trash & Water Services

  • Control of daily refuse in the facility

Turnaround Support Services

  • Turnaround expediting and inventory control specialist